We have been appointed as an Official My.T Enterprise Business Partner and here to assist businesses with the application process for Business Services for your company in Mauritius. 

As a My.T Enterprise Business Partner and with our 32 Years of Telecom experience and solution design, we can also assist with any other IT Requirements that your business may required. We leverage off the my.T Infrastructure, products and services available in Mauritius. Your business can now increase productivity with High Speed Internet, Hosted PABX services,  Cloud Storage and Co-Location Servers. 

my.t Business provides a 3CX Hosted IP PABX, that can provide your business with telephone extensions on your desktop or on your mobile phone, ensuring that you never miss a call when in and outside of the office. 

As we are an IT Consultancy company we can ensure that your business is being provided with the correct solution based on your business needs. So let us assist you with the Application process for your new or upgrade of services, by completing the form below and providing us with the required documentation to speed up the process. 

Did you know?

Self Employed Individuals are able to apply for any of the my.T Services by just providing your BRN (Business Registration Number Certificate) or COI (Certificate of Incorporation) along with proof residence and Identity document  

My.T Enterprise

Fast Internet for your Home Office or Office using the Business Boost Packages available

Hosted 3CX PABX for New and Existing Clients

Communication is crucial for a business. The Cloud starter is a cost effective solution for new start ups as well as for existing enterprises that wish to reduce space requirements, upfront investment and eliminate the burden of maintaining onsite PABX systems. Click here to get more information on this solution

Install 3CX APP on your PC/ Laptop or Mobile phone and never miss a call when in the office or out of the office. 

Hosted in the my.t Cloud so no servers required on site and supported by the my.T Technical Team

Detailed Call logs of all outgoing calls and categorized per extension so you can now control your companies telephone bills

Auto Attendant to direct calls to the correct department improving your companies efficiency and customer service

Leverage off your current office CAT5/6 data network, single cable to provide voice and data reducing migration to VoIP costs